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KIND Curriculum: Genetics

KIND: Genetics (NE)

Time limit: 180 days

$300 Enroll

Full course description

The Kennedy Krieger Instruction in Neurodevelopmental Disorders (KIND) Genetics Chapter explores the following topics. Registration for this course provides access for 180 days and includes full access to lectures, resources, infographics, interactives, and review materials.


Genetics Chapter: Levels and Learner Groups 
Level Neurodevelopmental Topic Content Learner Group(s)
Level 1

1.1 Intro to Genetics of Neurodevelopmental Disorders: Why Etiology Matters

1.2 Fundamentals of Genetics 1

1.3 Fundamentals of Genetics 2

1.4 Historical Perspective


Allied professionals 

Medical Professionals 

Sub-Specialist Professionals

Level 2

2.1 Psychosocial considerations and impact

2.2 Ethical Considerations

2.3 Legal Issues and Genetic Discrimination

2.4 Resources for Patients and Families

2.5 Genetic Counseling

Allied professionals 

Medical Professionals

Sub-Specialist Professionals

Level 3

3.1 Family History and Pedigree 1

3.2 Family History and Pedigree 2

3.3 Dysmorphology and Physical Exam 1

3.4 Dysmorphology and Physical Exam 2

3.5 Overview of Genetic Tests

3.6 Exome and Genome Sequencing

3.7 Variant Classification

3.8 Understanding a Genetic Test Report

Medical Professionals

Sub-Specialist Professionals

Level 4

4.1 Pre-Test Counseling and Consent

4.2 Delivering Genetic Test Results and Diagnoses

4.3 Clinician Resources for Diagnosis and Management

4.4 Metabolic Disorders

4.5 Treatment of Genetic Disorders 1

4.6 Treatment of Genetic Disorders 2

4.7 Family Planning and Reproductive Options

4.8 Navigating Insurance Coverage for Genetic Tests

Medical Professionals

Sub-Specialist Professionals

Level 5

5.1 Pharmacogenomics and PGx testing

5.2 Principles of Epigenetics

5.3 Mendelian Disorders of the Epigenetic Machinery

5.4 Angelman Syndrome

5.5 Synaptic Disorders

5.6 Fragile X/FMR1 Disorders

5.7 Rett Syndrome

5.8 Epilepsy Genetics

5.9 Tuberous Sclerosis Complex

5.10 Down Syndrome

Medical Professionals

Sub-Specialist Professionals