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KIND Curriculum: Trauma KIND: Trauma is a Course

KIND: Trauma

Time limit: 180 days

$300 Enroll

Full course description

The Kennedy Krieger Instruction in Neurodevelopmental Disorders (KIND) Trauma Chapter explores the following topics. Registration for this course provides access for 90 days and includes full access to lectures, resources, infographics, interactives, and review materials. 


Special Topics: 

  • Infant Trauma and Attachment
  • ACEs for Children
  • Special Considerations When Working with Young Children
  • Latinx immigrants from a Trauma Informed Lens
  • Intergenerational Trauma: Breaking the Cycle
  • Treating Traumatic Stress Disorders in Children with Developmental Disabilities

Medical Topics: 

  • Child Trauma Epidemiology and Sequelae
  • Diagnosing PTSD and Other Psychiatric Disorders in Children with Histories of Child Maltreatment and other Traumatic Exposures
  • Comprehensive Treatment Needs Assessments
  • Psychopharmacology
  • Elimination Problems
  • Epigenetics: Transgenerational Epigenetic Inheritance
  • Impacts of Child Trauma on the Brain
  • Treating Sleep Problems in Children with Trauma-Related Psychiatric Disorders

Non-Medical Treatment Topics: 

  • Yoga as Part of Trauma Treatment
  • Trauma Healing and the Expressive Arts
  • Trauma Informed Caregiver Training
  • EBTs for Youth with Trauma-Related Psychiatric Disorders
  • Treatment of Trauma Symptoms in Adults
  • Treating Traumatic Stress Disorders in Children with Suicidality and Other High-Risk Behaviors
  • Culturally Tailoring Trauma-Based Interventions
  • How and When to Treat Trauma and PTSD